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The REM Group - Careers that Matter

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We are Headhunters who have fun changing people's lives for the better every day.


REM Group Consulting attracts the Top Tier Talent Pool - Passive candidates looking for a chance to improve their lives but are committed to their professions and simply waiting for their healthcare professional consultant, like REM Group, to educate and inform them know of the newest opportunities in healthcare. 

Employers looking for Staff


Hiring Authorities - REM Group delivers quality candidates faster than any of the competition. Results-driven, call to find out how. 

Employers looking for Candidates

  • Large database of passive candidates

  • Extended Guarantee period

  • Low Commissions

  • Specializes in Nursing and Therapy

Our client list is among the top companies in the nation:

Life Care Centers of America

Banner Health

Memorial Health Systems

Team Select Home Care

Genesis Nursing Homes

5 Star Senior Living



Candidates looking for Careers

Employees - REM Group has access to operators all over the country with "pocket listings" or job openings that will never make it to the job boards. Call REM Group to assist you in a confidential search to identify unique opportunities you deserve.

Candidates looking for better Career Opportunity

Nurse & Nurse Management

Liaisons, Director of Business Development

Therapy PT / OT ST

Diverse Employment Group

Home Health, Skilled Nursing Nursing, Assisted Living, LTAC and Acute Care



REM GROUP IS made up of a small group of people that have a deep desire to have a positive impact on the world at large. We are not self-centered, only thinking about "having" to ourselves. More so, we want to be a part of changing the lives of others for the better. We see our ability to help others as our greatest gift.

We are successful because we built the REM Group from the inside out. All of our team member’s success starts with their passion, grit for hard work and the patience to hang in there when things are tough. We work from a desire to have an impact and to make a difference in someone's life.

For these reasons, the Rem Group has been blessed with longevity, a supportive network of clients and sustaining success, rather than short-lived bursts of success that fade away.

Rick Martinez
Founder REM Group Consulting | Careers that Matter


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